Writing Prompt Response #2



I decided to write a haiku for each photo since I love them both and couldn’t settle on just one. Now, poetry is not my strong suit and it never has been, but I’ve promised myself that I’d make an effort to step out of my comfort zone every once in a while.

I hope you enjoy it. And, heck, feel free to give me tips to up my poetry game if you want! Happy writing, everyone!



Green pastures ahead

A feeling of nostalgia

Guides me home again


Sunrise to sunset.

A gentle pond at my feet

Shows me who I am





Writing Update: Lost Work


A few months back I allowed my husband to completely wipe my lap top. I was nervous, of course, but after backing up photos and e-mailing myself all drafts of all my novels, I let him do it.

As luck would have it, one of my novels was not backed up properly. Only about half of what I originally wrote was in the document. My initial emotions were shock, anger, and utter defeat. But I took a step back and reminded myself that everything happens for a reason.

This isn’t the first time I’ve lost work (and it sure won’t be the last.) Last time this happened a friend told me that it was an opportunity to write it better than I had last time. She told me this is just a chance for me to improve my draft.

And she was right. I was so much happier with what I wrote the second time around. Thanks to my lovely friend I didn’t just do away with that novel and give up completely. I improved it instead and got a much better second draft out of it.



Short Story Sunday!


Sorry that this one is a tad bit late, guys. I’ve been battling with a pretty vicious allergic reaction and I’ve been in and out of a Benadryl coma for a couple days. So, today you guys will get two posts from me!

Here is the prompt for this week’s Short Story Sunday! (Make sure you follow them, they’re prompts are wonderful!)

I’ve always believed in Karma and treating others how you’d want them to treat you, but I never thought my good Karma would come back to me in the form of a horde of spiders.

I guess it all began when I was a child and could never stomach the thought of killing any creature- no matter how creepy they were. There were always spiders in my childhood home. And after I got my own home as an adult spiders still found their way into my space. Rather than crushing them I’d find a way to coax them back outside.

“Today you, tomorrow me.” I’d whisper to them as they would scuttle into the grass.

I never thought anything of it until tonight when a stranger broke into my home.

I lay under my bed, my hands pressed tightly over my mouth to muffle my breaths. I didn’t have time to reach for my phone, so it just sits uselessly on my nightstand. I could crawl out for a moment and snatch it, but I can hear the intruder just outside of my door.

Besides, even if I were able to get to my phone, I don’t think I’d want to risk them hearing me call the police. Sure, they may just run off, but they could also come into my room and silence me.

As I’m contemplating my options, the door to my room swings open and two booted feet stand before me. I hold my breath as they make their way through the room. Each footstep makes my heart beat faster. Each time I hear them rummage through my things I feel myself tense up. I pray that they just leave and never return.

Unfortunately for me, however, the intruder drops on all fours. Before they can lift the sheets to peer under the bed I slide away. I grab my phone as I get to my feet and make a break for the door, but I’m not nearly quick enough.

The intruder grabs me up by my hair with one hand while the other covers my mouth and nose. I try to scream and kick as they lift me into the air, but they’ve cut off my breathing. My scalp feels like it’s being torn right off as I kick and twist and claw at his hands. Nothing I do works. All they do is grunt when my foot connects with their midsection.

As I grow lightheaded and see spots dance across my vision I hear my attacker yelp. Tears stream down my cheeks as they leap backwards, pulling on my hair even more. I try to look around as he continues to yelp and hop around. At first my blurred vision finds nothing, but soon I am able to see a writhing figure coming from the window.

As it makes its way towards us I find myself thinking that I am crazy, or dying, or dead.

My attacker then screams and finally releases me. I gasp and wheeze and cough as air is finally able to enter my aching lungs. I roll to my side, watching the figure make its way up my attacker’s leg. They run around the room, flailing and batting at their body. It is only now that I realize that the strange figure is a horde of spiders.

When my attacker finally runs out of my room I dial nine-one-one. Not long after an ambulance arrives an arrest is made. Turns out my attacker took himself to the hospital due to many, many spider bites. Police were already looking for him by then since I was able to give them a description. And since his wounds matched up with my story, there was no way he could deny that it was him.

Writing Prompt!


I decided to do another writing prompt this week. This one will be with some lovely pictures my brother-in-law took. Here’s a link to his instagram. I couldn’t settle on just one picture so I decided to go with two of my favorites.


I’ll be posting my response to this prompt on Thursday. If you write one, tag me and I’ll link yours in my response!

Happy Writing, Everyone!

Writing Update!


So Camp NaNo was a complete flop for me… Sadly. I did not meet my goal BUT I did not give up on the novel I started on. I’ve been going back to it, working on it slowly but surely.

I’m enjoying the direction it’s going so far and I absolutely adore my characters. I think the hardest thing for me is having to constantly go back to add things in when I get new ideas.

I’ve also decided to write it a little bit differently. I’m putting more of my own personal experiences in there and doing some chapter hopping. Heck, I’ve even got random scenes written out with no clue of where it’ll fit in just yet.

Also, I have made a goal to post here at least once a week and to write 1,000 words each day. With all the keeping up I’ve been doing with cleaning, cooking, and also making time with my husband and family it’s just been hard sometimes to get writing.

But writing is something I love to do, whether I just write in my diary or here or anything. As long as I keep writing I know my mood each day will improve.

How do you guys stay motivated to write?

In Honor of the Eclipse Writing Prompt Response!


Sorry that my response is a tad bit late! I went on a weekend adventure with my husband and a friend. (Post about that coming soon!) We were so busy that I didn’t actually have any downtime to do this.

So, without further delay, here is my response to last week’s writing prompt!

I sit on my balcony with my eclipse glasses on, waiting for the complete eclipse. I had found a nice hotel for myself and my dog Jake. I even managed to rig a pair of the special glasses to fit on him and shield his eyes from the harmful rays.

The timer on my phone starts counting down, five seconds… four… three… two…

Finally, the sky goes dark as the moon completely shrouds the sun. I hold my phone up to take a video of to show my mom when I get back home.

My dog begins pacing restlessly, sniffing and huffing and seeming bothered. I set my phone down and go over to him, kneeling down and grabbing him to keep him still.

“What is it, Jakey? What’s wrong?” I say, petting his head gently as he whimpers and tries to back away.

I open my mouth to try and soothe him once more, but then he begins barking and howling up at the sky. He gets out of my grip, backing up until his tail his the door to the hotel room.

“Jake it’s okay, baby. You’re o-”

“Anguinus Vir.” Instead of a bark these words leave my dog’s mouth.

My eyes go wide and my jaw drops to the floor as I stare at my dog in shock. I almost laugh at the fact that the voice of my corgi is as deep as any man’s, but instead I just gasp a little. There’s nothing funny about this at all. Jake stares back at me for a moment and then starts going crazy again, running to the edge of the balcony as the eclipse ends.

I go to the edge of the balcony to grab him, but not before I notice a man staring up at us with an unnerving, snake-like smile. He tips his hat to me before turning on his heel and walking off.

Jake doesn’t stop barking until he’s out of sight.


Short Story Sunday!


Here’s a thing I’ll start doing every Sunday to help keep me writing every week. I’ll find random word prompts online (and link them of course) and write something short for it. It could be a word, a phrase, concept, or even a photo or song. This week it’ll be a prompt from this blog.

A zombie apocalypse occurs, where people retain characteristics they had while living. You, as the sole survivor, meet a snobby, vegan zombie who turns their nose up at you.


I sit in my (technically stolen) Jeep in front of a quaint farmhouse somewhere just outside of Montgomery. It’s been about four months since the world as I knew it ended. People started rising from the dead, eating just about any living thing they could get their hands on.

Rather than killing them right off the bat, I’ve been able to hide out in my vehicle to study them from afar… Until they realize I’m there and try to attack. By then I’ll just drive away and leave them to their rather strange existence.

Yesterday I came upon a truly unique zombie. He was standing in front of a store front window and seemed to be checking himself out. He toyed with his hair and smoothed his hands down his shirt with what could almost pass as a confident smirk.

I write these things down, labeling him the Narcissistic Zombie. I may call him Zack in remembrance of a guy I met at a party my second year of college. It suits him. With a sigh I pull out the polaroid photo I took of him before driving off, leaving him to admire himself in peace.

Just as I am about to take off driving again I spot a zombie wander into the field just to my left. She meanders over to a bush and begins plucking the berries from it, popping them into her mouth one at a time.

Her unique actions intrigue me, so I pull out my notebook once more and write down what she’s doing. I wonder if she only eats plants or if, like the others I’ve encountered, she would try to attack me.

So, in the name of research, I grab my pistol and polaroid camera then, venture out of the safety of my Jeep. I leave the door open and the keys in the ignition just in case I have to make a quick escape.

Slowly, I make my way over to her, my pistol stowed in the waistband of my jeans and my polaroid hanging safely around my neck. As I near her I step on a twig. It snaps with a crack that breaks through the silent field.

The zombie stops sniffing the berry in her hand, turning to me with narrowed eyes. I see what looks like indecision flash across her face as she sizes me up. I stand completely still, one hand resting on the pistol and the other holding onto the camera around my neck.

She takes a slow step towards me, leaving only a few feet between us. My body is screaming at me to run from her, to get back in my Jeep and study her from there. But I force my feet to stay where they are, holding my breath in both excitement and utter terror.

Another step brings her close enough for me to see her dead eyes, pale blue irises with vibrant red veins streaking through the yellowed whites. In life I’d have called her beautiful with her long brown locks and heart shaped face, but today I’d have to call her frightening.

I watch as those unnerving eyes size me up, taking me in from my head to my toes as I stand stock-still. She leans forward only slightly and closes her eyes, sniffing in my direction as she sniffed all those flowers. After a moment her eyes open, her lips curling up in what could only be distaste as she turns her nose up at me.

My jaw drops to the ground as she turns back to the bush, reaching down and plucking one. I think that I must be dreaming as she eats another berry.

I remove my hand from my pistol and grab my polaroid, lifting it to my eye. Right as I click the button to take the photo she turns to me, giving me a snobby look that says “Oh you’re still here?”